Reporting and Analytics

Make decisions based on analytics, not instinct.

Get a complete view of your people and operations in the context of your business. Workday Reporting and Analytics empowers you to create compelling stories with data, motivate action, and bring about change.

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See clearly into the makeup of your workforce.

Compel leadership to take action with data-driven stories.

Compete more effectively by differentiating your workforce.

View your people and operations in the context of your business.

Know your people.

Gain a macro view of your workforce. Within Workday, people data and analytics help you identify risks, uncover opportunities, monitor trends, and drill into contributing factors.

  • Analyze workforce demographics across generation, location, and more on any device.
  • Visualize headcount and turnover trends, such as voluntary, new-hire, and high-performer turnover.
  • Surface diversity trends using delivered reports and tools, like the gender pay gap dashboard.
  • Pay your people fairly according to your compensation philosophy with total rewards reports and dashboards.

Help your people grow.

Use the talent and people data within Workday HCM to help your people reach the next level in their career, plan for succession, and manage talent risk.

  • See who is developing high-performing teams and who needs help.
  • Locate gaps in the leadership pipeline and identify top candidates.
  • Help your employees evolve with opportunity graphs, competency assessment charts, and learning recommendations.
  • Compare learning and development investments with performance and promotion rates to see what’s working.

Keep good company.

Hire and retain high-quality, high-performing talent. With HCM analytics from Workday, you can identify what your people want and what keeps them engaged.

  • Keep a pulse on your workforce with key indicators shown in the context of your org chart.
  • Use predictive retention analysis to identify employee-level risk factors.
  • Make better recruiting decisions with quality-of-hire metrics.
  • See which roles and organizations need more attention to improve diversity and engagement.
  • Benchmark your organization's performance with peer companies using Workday Data-as-a-Service.

Blend operational and people data for deeper insight.

Understand productivity, training effectiveness, staffing demands, and so much more. With Workday, you can provide leadership with a complete picture of people and operations to run the business better than ever.

  • Enrich HR data with financial and operational data for a full view of business performance.
  • Intuitively prepare and blend data from any source to eliminate information silos.
  • Put critical operational insights into the right hands, with the right level of detail, at the right time.
  • Centrally manage permissions and use the Workday data security to govern blended data.

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