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A campus in the cloud.

Designed for today’s mobile generation, Workday Student is the first true cloud application for higher education. Learn how Workday Student transforms the way institutions serve and satisfy their constituents.

Adaptable and configurable.

  • Built to address the unique needs of higher education, Workday Student has an adaptive academic foundation that supports every functional area within the system to ensure institutional effectiveness and student success.
  • Configure applications to meet your needs rather than conform to a rigid, outdated student information system. Define and manage your own units of time and academic date ranges.
  • Manage various teaching models including competency-based learning, badging, and prior learning assessments.

Connect your community.

Workday Student includes a sophisticated engagement system to facilitate interactions between the institution and its many communities.

  • Reach students, faculty, and staff with timely, personalized information through the appropriate medium.
  • Quickly identify at-risk students before they leave your institution and help keep them on track.
  • Assign action items, automate workflows, and set signals and alerts for easier task management.
  • View all interactions—current and historical—for specific individuals based on security settings.

Accurate, real-time insight for better decision-making.

Built-in reporting tools and real-time, actionable analytics provide a 360-degree view of your institution, eliminating the need for a data warehouse or multiple third-party applications to reconcile data across systems.

  • Make fact-based decisions with personalized dashboards.
  • Optimize course schedules to meet student demand and better anticipate appropriate resources.
  • Analyze patterns for future enrollment and at-risk students.
  • Stay on top of demand planning, financial-aid needs, receivables, and more.
  • Maintain audit controls with ease, as every action is recorded and tracked.

Anytime, anywhere access.

Workday Student is mobile at the core and delivers the best possible user experience, making it easy for students, faculty, and staff to manage their tasks anytime, anywhere.

  • Empower your constituents with self-service features accessible on a smartphone, tablet, and desktop.
  • Minimize costly training for both the casual user and the back-office worker.
  • Receive constant, predictable, and easily consumable enhancements and functionality through the Power of One—one unified platform, one codeline, one user community.

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