Student Records

Streamline all enrollment-related activities.

Workday Student Records gives institutions the ability to support enrolled and former students, faculty, and administrative units for all processes and data related to student academic records.

Provide students with personalized engagement headlines to keep them informed of critical tasks throughout their learning journey.

Allow students to visualize and consume academic progress and student records data in a browser or on a mobile device.

Take action on critical tasks within your dashboard. No reason to log into another system.

Student Records
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Course planning and registration.

Modernize your business processes for course planning and registration in a single, unified system of record and engagement. Ensure quality student service and say goodbye to manual, paper-driven procedures.  

  • Allow students to take control of creating their own unique pathway to graduation day.
  • Provide enrollment access framework with registration appointments, waitlisting, prerequisite, and general eligibility rules.
  • Offer course registration functions within a browser, smartphone, or tablet to plan a schedule, access courses, and execute course registration.
  • Engage students in real time by using alerts to highlight possible negative consequences related to course planning and registration.

Track academic progress.

Manage students’ progress toward completion of their educational objectives by tracking program and status changes.

  • Manage enrollment verification data and calculate enrollment status (full-time versus part-time) to determine tuition and fee charges and financial aid eligibility.
  • Provide decision makers real-time student data on program and status changes related to conferral of educational credentials.
  • Give students a comprehensive view of their academic progress and leverage Workday’s native system of engagement to guide students throughout their learning journey.

Showcase student accomplishments.

Rethink how to best represent student learning for traditional academic courses, student learning activities, and learning accomplishments. Press beyond the typical final semester grade to best represent student learning outcomes.

  • Extend the traditional college transcript by exposing learning activities and course competencies.
  • Answer the needs of industry leaders and accrediting agencies by exposing demonstrated learning outcomes and show how graduates are prepared for their desired careers.
  • Acknowledge all learning experiences through a holistic lens. Provide a complete view of demonstrated learning outcomes by recognizing learning experiences outside of the traditional classroom.